SABO’s core business is the supply of turnkey plants for the heavy clay industry. Our company has a huge experience in the sector in machinery construction and engineering as well as in drying and firing. 

Lime Multiwire Cutters

Machine with rollers suggested in case of one or two basic cutting lengths and is positioned in line with the slug cutter.

Can be with one or two cutting mechanisms depending on the cutting speed and capacity. Two basic versions: with rollers (easy change of the cutting length) or belts (better treatment of the bricks bottom side).

Standard features: automatic detection system for cutting wire, special coated rollers, automatic wire advancing systems (option), programmable half cut (option).

Integrated Cutters

Integrated in the programming bench; is a multiwire cutter with vertical movement for the cut. Minimum deformation of the underside of the wet material that resulting from its movement only on belt and chains assuring quality, precise cut with minimum deformations since the material is supported during the cut.

Standard and optional features are the same as the line multiwire cutter.

In one of its two versions the cutter can be equipped with wire cleaning mechanism as optional equipment.

Pushing Cutters

Ii is a versatile cutter that is used to cut either small bricks or blocks. It is particularly effective for bricks of smaller cut size. The cutting is done through a pushing system.

The material is moved sideways on rollers or belts and at the same time pushed through fixed inclined wires. During the cut the wires are making a small move like a saw to facilitate the cut and leave the wet material intact.

Pushing Cutters with Chamfering

The multiwire cutter with chamfering is a cutter mainly for small bricks, facing bricks and pavers. It is able to perform chamfering in all 4 sides through special plastic notches. The slug is pushed on a cutting table and at the same time the chamfering on the top and under side is done. The cutting table then is lifted upwards. During the upward movement the cut takes place together with the chamfering on two other sides. Finally the cut pieces are moved outside the cutter.

Electronic Cutters

Suitable for small bricks and large blocks.  The cutting is being done synchronously to the movement of the slug. The movement of the cut and the one of the slugs are independent, succeeding a more effective cutting in various speeds.

Easy change between bricks of different cuts, valuable in factories with a wide range of products.

Simplified layout ensuring a minimum use of space and minimum transport of wet material.


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